Meditation has been proven to decrease stress and anxiety

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I’m not the type of person who enjoys doing nothing — it’s what left my newly installed meditation app untouched for months back in 2017.

I thought meditation was just sitting there doing nothing.

But when the chips were down and I finally reached for it, the first thing I learnt was that meditation isn’t doing nothing at all.

I’ve since meditated every day for 3 years.

How Vietnam beat COVID before the rest even begun. No Lockdown. No Problem

For a nation of nearly 100 million, Vietnam has recorded just 35 COVID deaths since March.

What will the world look like in 10 years?

A utopia of instant pizza, hoverboards and robot dog walkers has kind of been kicked into touch by the most recent decade.

Perhaps by 2020 alone.

Although that Back to the Future sequel was tongue-in-cheek, the future itself has proven to be a lot more bleak since catching up.

Fear of an irreversible climate crisis in seven years time. Fear of social anarchy. Fear of a highly contagious airborne virus. Even if you don’t live in fear, it’s in you. It’s within society.

..and started my CBD business from scratch.

“People would always say to me — ‘how did you get it? How did you get MS? Is it like genetics?

Genetics play a small part, yes — I’d tell them — but what it really boils down to is stress, lifestyle and diet — and unfortunately, I was neglecting all 3.

Living between Ibiza and Australia, JJ — or Jacob as his Mum calls him — was a master-grafter in the sales industry. Be it mobile phones or insurance, he had experience in flogging just about anything he could get his hands on.

However, the fruits of JJ’s hard…

How conscious awareness will better your productivity, mental health, and happiness.

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Of the many heads chopped off throughout history, not one has survived the sword. Death is inevitable no matter what.

So, to put it simply, we need our brains to survive.

Yet we are not our brains. We are consciousness.

That said, why do so many of us identify as our brains?

Take my friend for example. In a conversation recently, he was adamant that his thoughts defined him –because if that little voice inside his head wasn’t him, then who the hell was it?

“If I am thinking something, it is an embodiment of me,” I recall him saying…

Shutterstock: JStone, Dextrous Simspon

Clinical trials in the 60s showed LSD as up to 5 times more effective than legal treatments for depression and alcoholism.

But then came the War on Drugs.

Aside from the great social injustice that it caused, President Nixon’s hard line on substance abuse burst a medicinal breakthrough that was ballooning to new heights — and science has since had to play catch up.

But now, as medicine waits on the cusp of psychedelic legislation, it’s a valid time to look at the evidence proving that prohibition was wrong, that the propaganda was a lie, and that a revolution is…

Ah, existential dread as a Stoner. For me, anxiety rarely reared its head after a two-skinner had been sparked. No. It was more the opposite; a chest-bound omnipresence that haunted the periods in between.

Do I want to be a stoner forever? Did I start too young? Could I ever stop?

And no matter how many times I patrolled the internet looking for the right results, I was never left with a definitive answer. Only more noise.

“How Much weed does a heavy user smoke?”

“Does Weed cause Depression?”

“Am I addicted to Marijuana?”

Truth be told my search engine…

Matthew D'Henin

Filmmaker. Neuro-nerd. Light-worker & Meditator. Does his thinking in the shower. Water bill’s huge.

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